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For more than 30 years, Spectrum Engraving has provided their expertise in the engraving and awards industry. Our variety of skills and creative abilities has allowed us to help individuals and companies create the product they need for their event or job. Under the Tempe Trophy name, the company has progressed into an engraving, building, and creating powerhouse. We do much more than make trophies. From cutting vinyl to engraving jewelry and firearms to hand painting personal items, we are your customization experts. In order to represent our wide array of skills more accurately, in 2018, we have chosen to introduce Spectrum Engraving. This new name represents our ability to complete projects under a wide spectrum of requests. 


What can we make for you?


Of course we can throw together a classic gold trophy, but we enjoy envisioning and creating trophies that are out of the box. We’ll take unique items, customize them further, and build an award that WOWs. We’ve done custom dumpster trophies, animal figurine trophies, and even soda-filled QT cup trophies!


Panel Tags and Industrial Signage

One of our major jobs are panel tags and industrial signage. We use our rotary machines to engrave large sheets of panel tags for electrical companies. Our machines can even engrave intricate emergency maps and steel light switch panels. We have a large assortment of material colors and can even color-fill the engravings.


Engraved Personal Items

Do you have a sentimental item that you would like to personalize even further? Bring it to us. We’ve laser engraved on leather goods, sandblasted designs on YETI tumblers, and even personalized dainty baby jewelry. We’ve even helped local artists engrave their designs onto pieces of wood and plastic.


Corporate Awards

Corporate awards don’t have to be plain and simple. We carry acrylic, glass, and crystal awards that are perfect for any business event. We’ve even been given unique pieces from companies to turn into extravagant awards like Blue Media’s 3D-printed skull. 


Sports and Fantasy Sports

Sports and awards go hand in hand. Our popular fantasy football trophies get a lot of attention because of their high-quality build and humor. We have a golden toilet seat made out of an actual toilet seat. Among the most popular sports, we’ve also got trophies for sports ranging from cheer leading to disc golf to bowling.


Custom Projects

Our list of skills goes on and on which is why we’re able to take on nearly every custom project. We’ve designed memorial plaques that were then bronze cast and mounted in the Arizona Memorial. The winner of the 2018 EA Sports Madden Football tournament here in Arizona received a custom award that was color printed and had a brass controller-shaped insert.